UTTM prides itself on being one of the most trusted companies in the wholesaler and distributor apparel industry. Our years on the market have allowed us to perfect the fit of all our garments, making it the best in the industry and providing you with the utmost quality for all your apparel needs. Designed with comfort, durability and style in mind, our product is second to none. From printable hoodies and sweatshirts to premium fleece, you can count on UTTM as your trusted source for quality apparel.

We take pride in having the lowest shrinkage levels in the industry, something we owe to pre-washing and pre-shrinking all the fabric we craft our clothing with. This means you should expect little to no shrinkage when you follow the care instructions we place on your garments. What does this mean for our clients? UTTM products run true to size, eliminating the need for guessing when doing distribution or making your wholesale fleece and apparel orders.

Though others are committed to quality and service UTTM was founded on those principles. We have been delivering the highest quality apparel on a consistent basis. We remain a family business and treat our customers as “family”!