Buyer Requirement

Buyer requirement is the initial and most important phase for analyzing all the processes and planning accordingly.

Product Development

In product development phase we make complete plan for the execution of order with right pricing strategy to achieve our aim to provide the client with the exact requirement so that they are able to have satisfactory results with the competitive pricing and best quality.

Our team will keep you updated about relevant industry trends and bring you innovative product ideas to help you grow. Samples are developed to suit seasons colors, fabric and style based on our clients requirements.

Vendor Sourcing

Classic Designs branch offices are based Pakistan & Bangladesh therefore giving us an edge of having diversified range of suppliers & vendors. We have suppliers ranging from the upper tier to the lower tier providing solutions to any sort of client’s needs.

For further review on supplier please fill in the query form and we will email you the list of suppliers from Pakistan & Bangladesh respect to your textile needs.

Social Compliance

Classic Designs only works with the suppliers who are properly certified by the international governing authorities for textile manufacturers. Suppliers have to meet the ISO Standards, BSCI compliance in order to work with our clients. Our team keeps on reviewing the factories standards in order to ensure the social compliance’s are properly met.


With experienced Merchandiser professionals our team is dedicated to provide flawless execution of client’s project from the raw material to the final shipment/delivery of the project. Our Merchandisers act as project managers and their job is to build a bridge between buyers and suppliers.

Whether its product development or execution of any certain project our Merchandiser closely work between the buyer and the supplier to minimize any sort of misunderstanding.

Production Engineering

Our team expertise in new product development and focus on researching on the new trends which are in the lime light all around the World. With the help of our suppliers & manufactures we develop new articles to diversify our portfolio which will eventually help our clients. Similarly on the request of our client we develop customized articles as per the client’s requirement.

Production Engineering is a study of textile raw materials, techniques and manufacturing technologies of textile products, treatments, with related testing, quality control and management aspects.

Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance department is one of the most vital part of Classic Designs. With highly skilled quality professionals we make sure to follow zero level tolerance on shipments. From the raw material purchase to the shipment execution our Quality team is thoroughly scrutinizing all the procedures step by step to avoid any quality issue.

With e – commerce based solution our quality team keeps the client updated on every single minute details. Inline inspection is regularly updated on the portal through which client can check the status of their shipment at any given course of time.

1.5 AQL Standards are followed by Classic Design Quality Team.

Shipment / Logistic

The transport of goods by sea or some other means. Shipping is the process of transporting an item, usually through the mail. Shipping is a very basic, common way of getting an item from one place to another, or from one person to another.